Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My College Budget Friendly Skincare Routine

As fabulous as some skincare products are, I cannot afford 80% of them. If you are a college student, than you probably know the everyday struggle of keeping money in your bank account. It is so hard when you are passionate about beauty and health to be on a strict budget, isn't it? There is always something fun and new to try! But I think I have figured out a way to keep myself content with the products I have, or at least my skincare products :)

First, I like to take off my makeup with the Boots Botanics Softening Cleanser. This cleaner is a watery cream consistency that you massage onto your dry face then take off with a warm washcloth. It takes off all your makeup, even waterproof mascara really easily!  Its only $8.50 which I think is such a steal for it's greatness. Within one use I noticed my skin softer and cleaner!  I would say its suitable for dry/combination skin. 

Next is time for exfoliation. I had been lusting over the Clarisonics for a long time, but decided that I didn't want to put down the cash for that when I could be using it responsibly for things like food... SO, I was strolling through Meijer one day and saw the Conair Tru Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush. It was 50% off the original price which is over $100, so lets just say I grabbed it before anyone else could. It has made such an improvement to my face its unbelievable. My skin is clearer, healthier, and brighter. I really would recommend visiting a Meijer store really soon and buying this, if you can. I wet my face then put some of the Simple Refreshing Face Wash Gel onto the brush head. Its super gentle on my skin and lathers really well! The two products work really well together. 

After that I use the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner. I use this just to make sure I have gotten all the bits of makeup off my face. This toner makes my skin feel very clean and refreshed!

Lastly that I moisturize with either the Clinique Dramatically Different or Even Better, depending on how much moisture my skin needs. Both are wonderful products with guaranteed results. Though a bit on the pricey side, I usually just steal some of the trial sizes my mom has stuffed in her cabinets. Always rummage through those cabinets ladies! You never know what goodies you might find. 

As always, I hope you're all good! Have a great week :) Let me know if you have any budget friendly favorites! 

xo Natalie 


  1. Haha, it is so funny that I struggle with the same thing: keeping money on my bank account :) It is so difficult when you love beauty.. You have a beautiful blog Natalie!
    Great post by the way!

    xx Romy

    1. Its so hard isn't it?!? Thanks so much that means a lot! :)

  2. This is such a great post.I'm not in college yet but this is such a great post