Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Style Naturally Curly Hair: Not as hard as it seems!

The heavens have definitely blessed me with voluminous curly hair, but I must admit sometimes it seems like a curse. As soon as I hit puberty my hair seemed to spiral up in a second and with that came plenty of frizz and volume. My 12 year old self struggled to tame my giant triangle shaped mane that seemed to take over my whole head. Being the only one in my family to have such curls, no one could give me any tips. I experimented for years on different ways to style my hair and keep it frizz free, and I think I have finally mastered it. Not to say I do not still have 1976 style afro hair days, because I do! Just for the most part I have finally mastered how to style my locks! So I have decided to pass on some of my naturally curly headed wisdom to y'all! I sometimes find it hard to find tips for naturally curly hair that I have not heard before, so I tried to compile a list of some different tips. I hope you enjoy!

This was a recent good hair day I had 
(before the miserable, dry winter wind)


This is a miracle product for naturally curly/frizz prone hair. I fought off buying one for ages because I didn't think the towel I was using was causing frizz, but let me tell you, it was. I have not stopped using this towel on my hair since the day I bought it. After getting out of the shower you literally twist this on to your head like a turban, and voila! When you take it off your hair isn't knotted or frizzy, it's smooth as can be! Buying one of these really is the first step to mastering your mane, and they're less than ten dollars for a pack of 2!

2: Don't use a brush, instead use a comb in the shower. I use an In-Shower Comb from Conair!

Brushing your curly hair can be a disaster when dry, but I didn't realize how frizzy my brush was making my hair when I brushed it wet! The in-shower comb is really nice to use for combing through your conditioner for an even application, then combing through after rinsing to get out all the tangles! I find that after doing this my hair is still tangle free when I take it out of my Turbie Twist and my curls are SUPER defined. Part of this is because a regular hair brush which separates the natural curl. I probably will never use a hairbrush again...

3: Using Curl Cream rather than gel for styling.

I have found that using a curl cream rather than gel moisturizes your hair, keeping it smooth longer. I
had used gel for years when I realized it was drying out my hair, due to the large amount I was using. Curl cream glides on your hair so easily, like conditioner. Unlike gel, a little goes a long way which is nice. I currently am using the  L'oreal Everstyle Texture Tousle Creme which I am loving! It is part of the alcohol free collection which is really nondrying and works super well! Cream gel forever!

4: Use a Deep Conditioner Once a week.

This is my favorite part of taking care of my curls! Deep conditioning is super important for all hair types, but especially naturally curly hair. Due to all of the products and heat that curly hair battles with, it is vital that you buy a deep conditioner. I have been using the L'oreal Eversleek Sulfate Free Deep Conditioner which is FABULOUS! I recommend leaving on the treatment for as long as you can, not just a few minutes as the container states. My hair stylist always recommends that I leave on the treatment for quite a while.  I usually do this once a week, and leave it on for an hour or so before rinsing it out. SO GOOD FOR YOUR CURLS! This step really gives your curls more life and shine, so there really is a noticeable difference.

5. Let your hair air dry...if you can.

I find that if I use minimal heat to my hair, the less frizzy and the more shiny it is. I used to use a diffuser a lot, but due to my crazy amount of hair it took FOREVER to dry it all. I came to the decision that I would rather air dry it. I know so many people swear by their diffusers, but I have never really been a fan. Diffusers usually make my hair poofy and scratchy. If you are having this same type of issue, I would seriously consider air drying your hair. It usually doesn't take that long and your hair is softer and less frizzy!

So those are my tips! Hopefully I can help y'all along your curly headed journey! If you have any cool tips for me that I did not mention above, please comment below!

Stay Warm!

Natalie xo

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