Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Survival Guide: Advice from a Seasoned Midwesterner

                                              This was my college campus last January.
                                            Makes you want to move to Miami, doesn't it?

Growing up in Texas until I was 15 never could have prepared me for the shocking cold I would encounter my first January in Ohio. There really is nothing to prepare anyone for that first feel of negative degree weather! But after almost six years of being stuck in the sunless wasteland, I think I have figured out a few ways to survive the winter. It is currently 1 degree outside which I have had my share of complaints about this morning, but I have my overheated computer fan to keep me warm. Listed below are just some of the things I like to do or have during the frigid winter months to keep myself out of the winter slump. Enjoy!

1. Okay so first things first buy some fun, cozy slipper socks. Regular socks just don't keep my toes warm, so I had to upgrade to slipper socks. You know those thick fluffy socks with the slip guards on the bottom that your mom always made you wear? Yep, those. Well they make some really cute ones now for adults and they sell them just about anywhere.

2. Invest in a nice lip balm. As much as I love lipstick and lipgloss, they don't really do the job when it comes to keeping your lips from drying up. I have loved the C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve for like 6 years and it never lets me down. It's also really nice to put over some lipsticks so I basically use it all the time. It has almost a warming effect to it, so its super nice for blustery days. My lips NEVER get chapped when I use this product!

3. Always have hand cream in your bag. Sometimes I will look down at my hands and experience fright at what I see. I always have to have a hand cream in my bag because I never know when I will need a little hand makeover. I am currently loving the Cath Kisdton Wild Rose Hand Cream which i found surprisingly at TJMaxx. It seeps into my skin super fast and the moisture lasts all day, I'm addicted!

4. For snowy days forgo Uggs for Rain Boots. On days like today where snow has coated the ground half a foot, Ugg boots are not going to cut it. Wear rain boots or wellies to make sure the wet snow doesn't ruin your shoes. Trust me, I have learned the hard way. Shoe companies are also making inserts for rain boots that make them warm, like these here.

5. WASH THE SALT OFF YOUR CAR. Lots of people don't know this but once the snow melts and temperatures start to rise, all of that salt and sand that has transferred from the ground to your car can be harmful. The salt and sand eats away at metal and paint, causing your car to rust. Once the temperature goes above freezing your car is susceptible to this, so always get the salt and sand washed off your car!

6. Always light candles. I truly believe that candles were made for the winter season. There is just something about burning a warm scented candle that brightens your day. I am currently loving my Merry Cookie candle from Bath & Body Works...which are currently half off!

7. Bake! A LOT. When I am home from college, it seems that I am constantly in the kitchen baking with my mom. Baking something new or a family favorite is a great thing to do on cold days and nights. It's always warm in the kitchen! Here's a recipe for one of my favorite things to cook with my mom :) 

8. Give your face some love. I usually have super dull and dry skin during the winter months. I have completely fixed this problem with my Clinique Even Better Moisturizer. With the help from this product, which I raved about in my December Favorites, my skin has turned from a dull disaster to a bright wintery glow.  Bump up that moisturizer!

9. Read a book! Put down the laptop, turn off the netflix, and pick up a great book. I love snuggling by the fireplace with an awesome read. There really is nothing better. I am currently rereading Mockingjay!

10. Keep an endless supply of coffee. I probably drink about four cups of coffee a day, which is not so great for me, but keeps me warm! There are so many different flavors, consistencies, and concoctions of coffee these days it could become a hobby! I love this coffee company at the moment. My sister lives in Portland, OR and sends me this periodically. Its AMAZING.

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